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What’s the fuss? The (unfulfilled) promise of country platforms

April 17, 2024 3:30 pm


Over the last three years, the promise of “country platforms” has energised the G7, the multilateral development banks (MDBs) and developing countries. Climate-aligned country platforms offer the potential to connect domestic priorities such as job creation, energy security and industrialisation with international climate goals through joined-up planning and programmatic concessional finance that crowds in private investment. In doing so, country platforms could help to redress the high-profile failures of the international climate finance system and provide enough resources (or the illusion of enough resources) to enable far-sighted leaders and reformers to tackle the barriers to climate action and find synergies with national development goals.

For this reason, recent country platforms such as the Just Energy Transition Partnerships in South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and Senegal have garnered global scrutiny. The MDBs – under serious pressure to find more resources, respond more effectively to client needs and to tackle the climate crisis more wholeheartedly – also embraced country platforms at COP29.

This event will examine the role that MDBs can plausibly play in country platforms with the ambition of the JETPs. With a panel of experts who are involved in the design and delivery of country platforms, this event will offer:

– A diagnostic: how should country platforms be designed for different political contexts?

– A toolkit: how can MDBs help put the “just” into just energy transitions, given that their charters preclude them from political activity?

– A roadmap: how can MDBs unlock private finance

– An evaluation: what’s the state-of-play with the existing JETPs?

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