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GEMs 3.0 From minimal disclosure to data driven asset allocation at scale

December 1, 2023

GEMs3.0 is an institutional investor-led Emerging market
and Emerging Markets including Africa (GEMs is global)
investment risk data analytics initiative, to systematically
support and harness investor insights and engagement, to
implement the G20 Capital Adequacy Framework (CAF), The
COP27 Presidency’s, The New Financial Pact Summit’s, The
Bridgetown Initiative’s, The Africa Climate Summit’s, The SDG
Review’s, and the $150trn Institutional Investor Consortiums’
COP28 Call-to-Action and recommendations, urging MDBs
and DFI’s to take bold and immediate steps to form
institutional investor-public partnerships, to democratize
GEMs2.0 data analytics access and exponentially increase
private capital mobilization allocations and financing
capacity, to close the climate and SDG investment and
financing gap in Africa and EMDC’s.

This paper explores why GEMs3.0 and how, its investing consortium, a climate and SDG impact assessment, and the next steps and plan of action.

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