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Aftermath of War in Europe The West VS. the Global South?

This publication provides an insight into the lens through which countries of the Global South view the current period of successive crises, brought about by an ongoing global pandemic and a war in Europe.
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The Expansion of the BRICS in a World of Shifting Power Dynamics

Join us on this exploration of the BRICS in a world of shifting power dynamics, and gain a deeper understanding of one of the most important economic and political blocs in the world today.
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Energy Trends and Outlook Through 2023: Surviving the Energy Crisis While Building a Greener Future

This Policy Brief explores five recent trends that are likely to shape the transformation of the energy system in 2023 and highlights clean technology challenges to accelerate the transition to a greener future.
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The World Needs a Green Bank

In this policy brief I propose a new approach to climate financing: the creation of an International Green Bank, which would be a global public-private partnership. This approach would make it easier to raise the $500 billion requested by the Bridgetown Initiative, because in addition to sovereign contributions, the Green Bank’s financing will include contributions to capital by...
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Sailing On a Storming Sea: Policy Challenges For Developing Countries 2022-2025

The current bleak outlook for the world economy, with a likely recession in major economies, high inflation, rising interest rates, and slow productivity growth, will adversely emerging market and developing countries (EMDE) over the next few years.
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Climate Diplomacy and the Global South

One aim of COP27 was to persuade countries to make commitments to reduce emissions and earmark resources for technologies to be transferred from industrialized states to less developed states. This year’s gathering is the first where “funding arrangements” for “loss and damage” were included on the agenda, to the displeasure of the US and European Union...