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Bitesize Business Breakfast: More companies in RAK’s Economic Zone

RAK Economic Zone saw the number of new companies signing up more than double in Q1. Ramy Jallad joined us to explain what's driving up the numbers. Plus, as the UAE Minister of State for Finance Mohamed Al Hussaini heads to Washington for the IMF Spring Meeting, we ask Masood Ahmed about the UAE's role...
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What Does World Bank Success Look Like?

On the face of it, the case for a general capital increase for the World Bank should be obvious and urgent in our age of the polycrisis. It is a very efficient way to support an increase in development and climate lending by an order of magnitude. A $20 billion paid-in capital increase would support...
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When It Comes to World Bank Reform, April Will Be Disappointing. But that Shouldn’t Be the End of the Story.

Reform of the World Bank is in the eye of the beholder—not just how it’s going, but even what it is. With so many issues still to work out, next week's Spring Meetings are likely to be disappointing for those hoping for swift movement. But there's still room for ambition and optimism in the longer...
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Evolution of the World Bank Group – A Report to Governors

Report for the April 12, 2023 Development Committee Meeting.