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Threats without borders: Are we apt to cope with the challenges?

June 30, 2022

In order to better analyze the various challenges that countries and multilateral organizations need to deal with, situations
that go beyond countries’ borders, the Forte de Copacabana International Conference will present four central topics of discussion, focused on the following themes: climate change and the energy crisis; water and food security; the Covid-19 pandemic; and technological security, focused on artificial intelligence and cyberwarfare.

Traditionally released each year during the Forte de Copacabana Conference, the Policy Papers 2022 publication aims to bring these strategies and analyses that emphasize the search for solutions to challenges related to mitigating global security problems. Analysts, speakers, decision makers and researchers were invited to this project in order to present their policy recommendations, and they certainly rose to the challenge.

Thus, we intend to promote a debate that addresses various possibilities and risks that are at stake in the current context of international security, considering
not only the direct impacts caused by armed conflicts. So, it is with this objective that we have launched this publication.

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