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The MDB Reform Accelerator is mobilizing the analysis and outreach needed to ensure MDB reform addresses today’s global challenges and delivers results for development.

To better respond to global crises, the multilateral development banks (MDBs) can transform themselves — but only with the support of their shareholders. Many of these shareholders — including the G7, members of the G20, and other groups — have made political commitments to bring about reform.

But we need to keep that momentum going, and ensure it is acceptable to borrowers and shareholders alike.

At this pivotal moment, the MDB Reform Accelerator is mobilizing the evidence-based analysis and strategic outreach needed to ensure MDB reform delivers scale and real results for development, climate, and other global challenges.

CGD is partnering with research institutions and think tanks headquartered in in Morocco, India, Ghana, China, and Brazil to bring a diverse set of viewpoints to the table on the topic of MDB reform.

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