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Adapting Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to Global Challenges: Perspectives of African Leaders on Reform

This event was hosted in-person at CGD’s DC office: 2055 L St NW, 5th floor, Washington, DC 20036

The shared challenges facing humanity, including climate change and pandemics have only grown more pressing and existential. Given their financial firepower and expertise, many around the world are calling to reform the multilateral development banks (MDBs) to address these global challenges which can and already have setback development outcomes. While the perspectives of African leaders are key in these conversations, voices from the continent have not gotten the attention they deserve. At the sidelines of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF, a group of African finance ministers and a private sector leader will share their perspectives on what they would like to see from the reform of the World Bank and MDBs.

Refreshments will be provided. For a full list of CGD Spring Meetings events, click here.

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