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Rethinking Climate Finance: MDBs and Private Sector Mobilisation

December 4, 2023

Co-hosted by EBRD and IDB Invest and joined by private sector investors ILX Management and CDPQ, the event explores how MDBs are innovating towards climate finance and how these innovations are perceived by stakeholders as effective conduits for climate investments. The panel will analyse their approach towards climate finance in emerging markets and developing economies as they aim to significantly increase climate finance.


Hilen Meirovich, Head of Climate Change, IDB Invest

James Scriven, CEO, IDB Invest

Soha El-Turky, VP Finance – CFO, EBRD

Manfred Schepers, Founder and CEO, ILX Management BV

Marc-André Blanchard, Executive Vice-President & Head CDPQ Global & Global Head of Sustainability, CDPQ


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