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The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is a Pan-African economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term growth through transformation. We produce research, offer policy advice, and connect key stakeholders so that African countries are better positioned for smart, inclusive, and sustainable development. To make this happen, we work closely with governments, business leaders, and development partners to strengthen countries’ transformation agendas. Our vision is an economically transformed Africa within a generation.

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African Finance Ministers demand action on Global Financial Architecture Reform

April 20, 2023

Washington, DC April 20, 2023: Coming out of the World Bank Group (WBG) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings, a group of African Finance Ministers and partners is urging global institutions to do more to deliver for African countries. The WBG/IMF Annual Meetings will return to Africa for the first time in fifty years this October, which presents an eight-month window of opportunity for the Multilateral Development Banks and their shareholders to commit to become more responsive to Africa’s priorities in a challenging and changing world. “We have discussed [...]

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Amplifying African Voices: Reforming Multilateral Development Banks

February 27, 2023

Now is the time to build momentum for meaningful reforms that address Africa’s needs In recent years, the world has experienced a rise in the number and frequency of crises such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and geopolitical conflicts. This highlights the need for urgent action to tackle the most pressing global challenges of our time. However, international responses to these crises have been disappointing, and lessons from the past have not been properly learned. Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) are uniquely qualified to address today’s crises with strong country-specific [...]

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Promoting Climate-Resilient and Green Development in Africa

February 7, 2023

Sub-Saharan Africa has contributed little to global greenhouse gas emissions, and yet it is the world’s most vulnerable region to climate change. Rising temperatures and sea levels, as well as rainfall anomalies, are increasing the frequency and intensity of natural disasters. Heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture and limited ability to adapt to weather-related shocks means that the livelihoods of millions are threatened by climate-induced disasters. COP27, often dubbed as “the Africa” COP, has recently ended. World leaders gathered in Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss how to mobilize collective efforts for ambitious [...]

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Climate Finance: How to move from the Trillions to the People?

January 25, 2023

Climate finance has emerged as a major concern not just for African countries, but for the developing world at large. Global warming is estimated to generate a median loss of 1.5 percent of annual GDP in developing countries and in sub-Saharan Africa (IPCC, 2022). At the same time, there is a rising occurrence of catastrophic events – droughts, floods, pandemics – that lead to the loss of years of development at once. It is poor people, women, and children that are the least able to protect themselves and bear the [...]

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